Vyta Svobunaite

Sports therapy,  Remedial massage therapist & Stretch therapy

My biggest passion in health and wellness services is finding the root cause of pain and not just covering symptoms therefore I use kinesiology theories and techniques to put all facts together to find out what causes specific conditions. In my therapies along with massage and stretching, I often include neurological and psychological approaches to see how our mind affects and aggravates symptoms as well as posture evaluation to relieve physical pain and stress.


I have been practicing remedial massage therapy for the last 4 years, mostly dealing with spine conditions such as SCOLIOSIS, LORDOSIS, KYPHOSIS. In the past year I’ve been dealing a lot with athletes and people with an active lifestyle who suffer from injuries and strong physical pressure or even secondary complaints like headaches, migraines, insomnia or dizziness.

My ideal clients vary from professional athletes to elderly or youth with any background suffering from physical pain and conditions.


My therapies include:

-Remedial massage 

-Posture & condition evaluation

-Joint mobilization

-Assisted stretching therapy


-Kinesiology techniques and energetic approach

-Sports therapy & psychoneurology approach

Price schedule:

1hr      $110.00

1.5hr   $150.00