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Meet the team


Narelle Borg

Founder of South Melbourne Wellness


Massage & Shiatsu Therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Narelle has a deep passion for bodywork. She combines her knowledge of Acupuncture, Shiatsu/Massage and Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy, tailoring a unique treatment to your body’s needs.

Along with treating musculoskeletal issues, she loves pregnancy massage, treating emotional stresses on the body and feels the key to healing is about providing a safe space for peoples nervous systems to resource back to a rest and digest/repair phase.

Brooke Cefai

Founder of Brooke Cefai Wellbeing
Psychotherapy, Counselling & Crystal Therapy

Brooke is a qualified Psychotherapist and counsellor who specialises in strengthening & empowering women's mental, emotional & spiritual health. Brooke provides a supportive, nurturing space for women to safely explore past or current issues in order to gain greater clarity & self-awareness, build resilience & restore wellbeing.
Passionate about helping women integrate spirituality & self-care into their everyday lives Brooke also offers a number of embodied therapies & workshops incorporating crystal therapy, intuitive guidance, mindfulness, breath work & meditation.   

Brooke Cefai

Kelly Allison

Founder of Kelly Allison Kinesiology

Kinesiologist and Medical Intuitive

Kelly is an experienced Kinesiologist and Medical Intuitive who helps her clients understand the connection between their emotional and physical health. 

Kelly’s goal is to help people understand their emotions, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours and how they play out in day to day life.   She provides awareness around the physical manifestation of supressed emotions within the body and uses her myriad of healing skills to gently remove the energetic blocks that are causing physical or emotional pain and help you reclaim your power and purpose in life.

Dr Laura Chapman

Founder of Agility Osteopathy


Laura combines manual osteopathic medicine, acupuncture and functional rehabilitation not only as a way to achieve effective pain relief, but to help promote injury prevention while improving individual performance and lifestyle. Her unique approach to patient care encases clinical excellence and evidence based practice, partnered with a compassionate and genuine interest in her patients and optimising their health.

Laura recognises that life is all about balance. Her aim is not only to introduce each and every patient to their optimal health, but to prevent further occurrences of pain and dysfunction by promoting a stronger, more balanced approach to health & wellbeing.

Nicole Wiliams

Founder of Maya Chinese Medicine


Chinese herbalist

Reiki Practitioner & Aromatherapy

Nicole is fascinated about the human body and how emotional factors, stress and our thoughts can effect our physical body.

Nicole uses Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine & Energy Healing to encourage the human body (both physical and emotional) to come back to a space of health & balance.

She is very passionate about Women's Health and all that comes with it, from hormonal health, pregnancy, stress/emotional wellbeing and digestive health. 

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