Takayo Someda

Owner of Sou Harmony

Singing Ring® Harmonic Sound Healing

My name is Takayo and I practice Sound Therapy sessions using healing  bowls called Singing Ring®︎.  We are surrounded by sounds. Each sound has unique frequency and affects us physically and emotionally.

Singing Ring®︎ creates a wide range of frequencies and it is scientifically proven that it’s sound effectively improves our physical and mental condition.


During the session multiple number of Singing Ring®︎ are used to create a phenomenon of sound resonance that makes you feel like you are in the dome of sound. Endorse yourself in the deep relaxation from sound bathing to help you rest and rejuvenated.

Harmonic Sound Lymphatic Drainage 


90min $110

Full body sound healing session. Sou Harmony will use Singing Ring®︎ sound bowls around your body to create a relaxing environment of sound bath with Harmonic Overtones.

The rich overtones created by Singing Ring® and its gentle vibrations quickly reach the deepest parts of the body. It will support you restore the balance of frequency in your body to the original healthy state by releasing unnecessary energy built up due to various stress. 

The session will assist you reduce your stress, enhance natural healing ability, promote a detox process and harmonize your mental and physical state of being. 

You will feel calm and rejuvenated after the discovery of your inner peace during the session.

There are three type of therapy using different techniques. During consultation we will conduct a questionnaire to have better understanding of your physical condition of the day. Then we will select a session that suits you. 

Forest : Release stress and relax 

Water : Cool down and calm

Wind  : Refresh and rejuvenate

We will use a special aroma that is blended for each treatment and offer you herbal tea which is also specially blended for each individual session to further enhance healing effect.  

Chakra Balancing


90min $110



We will cleanse and recharge your energy for each of your Chakras, your energy passages. While taking a deep breath we use the combination of the sound of our voices and imagination of colours to draw your attention to focus on each Chakra.


The voice has the highest purification and healing power because it vibrates our body itself, or more specifically, all our cells. During the session our voices resonate with the sound of Singing Ring® and create a harmonious healing environment. The sound help us comfortably let go of unnecessary energy and activate positive energy. Your mind, body and soul will be relaxed, rejuvenated, and feel connected to yourself and to the world around you.

Group Sessions

You will be sound bathing with abundant harmonic overtones. During the session Singing Ring® bowl will be placed on your body for you to experience gentle yet powerful vibration directly. You will feel relaxed and rejuvenated just by lying down on the mat while listening to the beautiful sounds and its resonance. Singing Ring® sound and vibrational meditation will invite you to a state of relaxation, harmony and overall improved well being. 

Group sessions can be organized for a group of your family and friends. It is also ideal for a work place meditation session after work.


Singing Ring® has a beautifully unique experience in collaboration with Yoga, Arts, Music, and others. Sou Harmony is open for opportunities for new ideas to bring the sound of harmony to people.

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