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What is Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy?

As apart of my Diploma training I had to write a few essays on how I would explain what exactly is Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy! This is my mid size version of explaining this body work in my own words, from my own experiences thus far in my training! I completed my diploma in November 2018.

What is Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy!

The more the experience I get in practising BCST and delve into my training, I see that the body loves to be in its in rest and restore phase (parasympathetic).

It feels as though, it is here that the inherent knowledge becomes heard, and automatically repairs and adjusts or begins to heal in the way it knows how to.

I believe that is what BCST is. I believe with an experienced practitioner, they will create the right environment for the patient, so that the inherent intelligence of their body will present itself. Together then the practitioner can educate and guide the patient to tap into this knowledge and bring about change and enfore the health that is already there.

We live in such busy, stressful times that I feel most bodies stay in a sympathetic state of fright and flight and we don’t give our bodies a chance to return to their natural state enough.

Of course the sympathetic does adjust on its own most times, especially when there is a serious threat but we don’t support it enough or have the awareness that we mostly still stuck in a wired state or pattern.

We haven’t been taught to really listen to what our bodies need and it has the ability to tell us. I also feel we haven’t been educated that our bodies do have an intelligence system, that it is constantly trying to keep us in health and that it has the capacity to do so.

I feel that in BCST the power has been given back to the patient, they can acknowledge their own bodies, feel the power of their health and learn to listen to what it can do and what they can do to help it.

How it works?

As I learn more about the nervous system and its job is to relay information from its not just internal system but its external environment. That it senses its external environment and responds accordingly, understanding this has helped me understand how BCST actually works.

So in a treatment, the clients system can gauge itself from the practitioners relaxed state of parasympathetic nervous system and has a sense of gauge to go by to hear or feel itself.

This is done with the help of a practitioner’s sensitively trained hands to feel to the body’s inherent health mechanisms.

The natural forces of health will then set the priorities to the session and bring about natural adjustments from within the patients own resources.

In a nutshell this style of work is aimed at assisting your own bodies inherent intelligence to make the adjustments and changes whether its through tissues, blood, fluid matrix, skeletal, the nervous system, organs and emotions to ensure your body is working at optimal health.

Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy is not esoteric, it is based on the principles on your body’s own physiology.