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What is stillness?

This essay on 'Stillness' was homework for my first year of my Biodynamic Craniosacral training. It's always interesting re reading what are definition of such concepts are after a few years, as experience and life can often change this! But I hope this can motivate you to explore what stillness means for you!

Narelle Borg


What is stillness?

For me this question has instigated such a deeper desire to unde

rstand the deeper meaning to such a concept ‘Stillness’. I think stillness is something that we have all felt, that we all have and that we can all perceive. But now putting this concept into words and language has proven for me to be a little daunting and challenging at the same time.

After reading various reading material such as Sills and Becker, it definitely has helped to acknowledge what I am feeling in practice sessions and in life.

On reflection of the old English dictionary translation, ‘Stilnes’ meaning absence of noise or disturbance, tranquility, quietness or absence of movement, it shows me that translations of word created by man are not always accurate or completely correct in translation. Their may be parts that are true, like a tranquil feeling but I don’t feel it is 100% true.

Now knowing that the ‘stillness’ we are talking about and referring to in Cranial Sacral therapy and in life, is a force, something found in everything and at the same time for me, I see it as the space that’s ‘in between’. For me it can be felt when I meditate and that place I get to where it feels I am connected to a oneness, where everything around me, including sounds, feelings, space and energy all becomes one.

But this English translation of the absence of movement is only half correct.

For me there is movement in the stillness. The same feeling when you find yourself in an isolated in a quiet area in nature, like a desert or in the dead of the night, no wind, no cars, no birds, absolute nothing, that silence to me has a sound, a feeling, a powerful force, a movement of its own. Its only because it’s a force that we have such little windows in our busy lives and noisy cities to feel everyday that its something foreign to us.

And growing up, influenced by the English language we have become programmed to believe that stillness means no movement or silence, and to now be able to feel this, perceive this and be conscious of this is a total shift in our perception. Realising this force has always been with us and around us and apart of the whole collective.

On reflection on what I have read, the things that have stood out for me and helped is, Stillness being the core of everything, the reference that allows form to generate. I feel that this relates to when I have put my hands on someone and that first initial point of contact even before the searching, there is the stillness. And the points in between the tides, the reorganising, and even the still points, there is stillness somewhere in the body. Its there, always as life force but we know when it appears in our perception when everything feels it becomes one, like time freezes, a connection to the source, the oneness, the whole body and then the physical and energetic movement or shift is expression of this ‘stillness’.

When I say for me it’s the ‘space between’, I perceive it as a stillness being the place where our physical body or outward environment, our energetic body reach a place of oneness so that any changes or re-organising, of health and areas of un health, disease or trauma can see themselves, feel themselves and perceive themselves. Then they can re-order, return or move to where they innately know they need to be.

So in theory stillness may appear or feel so still, calm on a certain level but underneath or within that is a great force that our human mind and senses are capable of tapping into and experience. The natural force there to innately help us, assist us, a great knowledge of space in constant motion helping us to be one.


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