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We are living with Heart

We are Living with Heart by Acacia I have been able to hear, see and feel Heart Communication from a young age. Heart communication feels like common sense; that inner intuitive voice that is always right, the gut feeling that supports, directs and guides you through life. It was only in my early twenties that I recognised there was more to this gut reaction; there was a distinct Heart voice and feeling, truthful clear guidance, inner sight and knowing that I now recognise as Intuitive ability. The Intuitive ability of hearing your Heart (and thereby accessing all intuitive centres, such as clairvoyance), is an ability that everyone has and uses unconsciously everyday. Living with Heart is an umbrella term for the shift of consciousness currently occurring as humanity searches for meaning, purpose and Heartfulness. Many ancient civilisations through to global contemporary cultural practices and spiritualities, place significant emphasis on the Heart and Heart Light as a spiritual way of being. “We are Living with Heart”, is a term that recognises the desire of the majority of humanity to live by the values of Love, Light and Truth. As you reconnect with your heart, you are coming into conscious alignment with your Highest Self, your Soul and your spark of divinity. This divine aspect of you has access to all knowledge, all Truth, all solutions and all Love, as it is directly connected to Source and All that Is. This means that the answers and solutions to all your pain, your problems, your fears and doubt can be resolved simply by listening to, and acting on your heart’s guidance. When you live with heart, your heartache literally disappears! Your health will improve, love, joy, happiness and peace will fill every area of your life. New skills, abilities and creative gifts will emerge as you begin to see yourself as much more wonderful and gifted than your ego could ever have imagined. New pathways in life, love, business and opportunities will open for you. Your life purpose will become crystal clear, and the peace of mind from knowing you are living your highest path and potential and contributing your special gift to the Earth is priceless. I believe the basic contemporary definition of Living with Heart is to live from a Heart perspective. This means to act and conduct yourself from a place of unconditional love for yourself and all living beings, human, animal, plant and mineral. Source speaks to all of humanity through our Hearts. It is not surprising to see more and more people recognise that Living with Heart is the next movement in consciousness that will (and already is) affecting arts, culture, commerce, politics, and the way of the world. With the official beginning of the Aquarian Age on the 11.11.11 we have begun the newest (and oldest) movement that will inspire the evolution and enlightenment of humanity, The Age of Heart. When you choose to live with Heart, you are consciously choosing the way of love. Your heart wants you to be happy, healthy and live in harmony with yourself, your loved ones and the Earth. I believe our hearts will spark a new dawn of enlightened conscious Heart focussed living, that shall create the global solutions for equality in life, love and prosperity and health for all. It is time to live with Heart!


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