Acacia Rose

Co-Founder & Director

Heart Light Rising Wellness Centre

Owner of Acacia Rose Heart
Intuitive Mentor, Heart Coach & Reiki Master


Heart Life Coaching

"Consciously create the lifestyle you seek”.

Heart Life Coaching offers an intuitive approach to life and wellness coaching tailored to your personal needs and goals.

The modality style incorporates Acacia’s training as an Intuitive Mentor, Reiki Master, Life and Business Coach with her knowledge of kinesiology, and energy work. This creates a dynamic intuitive approach to goal setting, releasing limiting belief systems and creating the lifestyle you seek.

Acacia specialises in matters of the Heart, relationships, career and business coaching, medical intuition, mindfulness training and the Welcome Baby Program.

Heart Life Coaching helps you to access your inner wisdom to make the best life decision for you.

Acacia specialises in supporting clients to:

Grow Love

  • grow greater self love

  • heal family relationships

  • attract a loving life partner

  • establish healthier friendships


Develop Career and Business

  • grow your career

  • take that promotion and negotiate salary

  • grow your start up business

  • manage and bring out the best in staff

  • navigate challenging business situations

  • create better work/life balance

  • Stress management


Train the Mind with the Calm Mind Program

  • mindfulness

  • meditation training

  • anxiety management

  • release fear and overcome limiting mental thoughts

  • Grow Wellness with Medical Intuition & Reiki

Grow a family

  • fertility and wellness care

  • clearing out past conception, terminations, miscarriages and loss

  • preparing for a conscious conception and the arrival of your Baby with the Welcome Baby Program

  • baby whispering

  • baby and child health

  • intuitive development and support for babies, children and teens

  • teenager support to navigate: school, friendships, study habits, family dynamics, family separation or divorce, drugs /alcohol and peer pressure

  • meditation, mindfulness, stress management and intuitive training for school age children to young adults

Session details
Initial Session 

75-90 mins  | $150.00

Following & Maintenance Sessions

60-75 mins  | $125.00

Sessions are held at Heart Light Rising Wellness Centre in South Melbourne. Phone sessions are offered for busy schedules, country, interstate and overseas clients.

What to expect in your Session:
Each session is directly tailored to you, based on your intentions for life, love, health, family and career growth opportunities.

Initial Sessions:
You may bring a wish list of discussion points, that we will use to set goals for immediate, short and long term growth and goal achievement.

Sessions generally begin with a life review. We take a snap shot of your life, as you observe it now, and identify what you feel is working and what you would like to grow, change and develop across health, love, life, work, family and relationship areas.

Utilising the regenerating power of Reiki and energetic techniques, we cleanse and rebalance your energy to the intentions set at the beginning of your session. This is called Cleanse, Choose and Begin Again. We achieve this in every session using a combination of energy balancing, mindfulness and guided meditation practice. The information your Body, Mind, and Heart offers during the cleanse will inform your affirmations and mindfulness homework.

Following & Maintenance Sessions:
Following sessions support people to achieve short and long term goals, and receive energetic maintenance to keep you in optimal energetic flow with life.

In Following & Maintenance session work you will receive:


  • Coaching, support, nurturing and a friendly face cheering you on to achieve your personal and professional goals

  • Energetic Maintenance through guided energy clearing and rebalancing, meditation practice and wellness care will ensure you are operating as your lightest brightest self, and attracting love and healthy experiences

  • Learn how to access your Inner Guidance and Body Wisdom

  • Enjoy mindfulness techniques and strategies to enhance your mental relationship with yourself, and generate a calm happy peaceful effective mind

  • Learn how to Meditate and enhance your existing meditation practice

  • Learn how to listen to your Heart and hear its guidance

  • Learn how to distinguish between your Heart Voice and Egoic Head Voice

  • Navigate the world with a deeper Heart philosophy, perspective and understanding

  • Create greater Love in all of your relationships (especially with yourself)

  • Learn how to manifest from your Heart and create the life you desire

Benefits of Heart Life Coaching Session Work:

  • Energy balancing brings the traditional Reiki benefits of increased life force, chi, health boost and a greater sense of peace, calm and wellbeing

  • Create greater Love for yourself, your loved ones, friends and family

  • Free yourself from past hurt, and upsets, especially in relationships through forgiveness and greater understanding

  • Set and achieve career goals, understand and evolve your work personality and grow a more conscious, effective and Heartful work environment

  • Create healthier life/work balance for sustainable productivity

  • Embrace gratitude for the Heart, Mind, Body and Life your have

  • Energetic cleansing can help you feel refreshed clear and reset, ready to engage with life again

  • Develop exceptional Mindfulness and practical stress management strategies, essential for your health and long term happiness

  • Release anxiety, worry and exhaustion by becoming more in tune with your inner guidance, flow and natural rhythms.

  • Sleep better, because you are more at peace

  • Relationship Harmony and Healing for couples

  • Grow greater health, women’s health and reproductive wellbeing

  • Welcome Baby program can help you achieve your Baby & Family Goals

  • Baby Whispering and learning Heart-to-Heart communication with your Baby can much stress out of pregnancy, labour and parenting

  • Child and Teenager guidance and support to grow happy, healthy, confident young people

  • Learn Heart Philosophy and Intuitive Development to fully access your inner abilities


Heart Light Rising Wellness Center respectfully acknowledges the Yalukut Willam Clan of the Boon Wurrung. We pay our respect to their Elders, both past and present. We acknowledge and uphold their continuing relationship to this land.

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