Michelle Rann

Michelle Rann

'The Rann Movement'

Private Reformer Pilates

State of the art Pilates equipment, intelligent instruction and mindful movement allows our clients to find deep, full body strength that conditions both the body and mind.
​Our tailored one-on-one Pilates sessions allow for greater development and progression, a must for those with specific transformational goals in mind.

Nourishing Nurtrition

Positive, client-focused relationships really are all about you. Our sustainable Nutrition program Nourishing You, provides you with a 100% customised Nutritional Plan based around your goals, training and current lifestyle. We learn about your likes and dislikes; health history; and find out why reaching your goals have been challenging in the past.

Through habit based coaching and an evidence-based process of nourishment, education and accountability, you can expect long-term results to not only reach but maintain your goals.

Synthesis Program

The truth is, there is no 'one size fits all' guide to nutrition or training. Synthesis is not simply another plan that you are expected to complete on your own. I understand how difficult it is to make changes on your own and am here to help guide you through a number of emotional and physiological obstacles to help you achieve and maintain your goals for good.

Synthesis is our personal one-to-one program designed to motivate, educate and keep you accountable. Week by week, we will fine tune your nutrition & training programs to develop a sustainable lifestyle that continues to reward you with results and flexibility.

• Private 1:1 coaching
• ​1x Weekly Reformer Pilates Session (60 mins)
• Customised Nutrition Plans
• Customised Training plans based around your lifestyle (at home or gym workouts available)
• Weekly check-ins in person, phone or email
• Unlimited changes to your Nutrition & Training plans based on your results and body's response
• Weekly Habits to help reset mindset
• Unlimited Online Support
• Month to Month Commitment


Session Information

Private reformer pilates  1:1  (60 mins)

$90.00    |   5 sessions   $85.00   |   10 sessions $80.00


Semi-Private    2:1    (60 mins)    |   $60.00

Private Pre & Post Natal   (60 mins)  |  $90.00

Synthesis Pricing

Monthly Membership  $400/mth

Nourishing Nutrition

Initial Consultation including customised Nutritional Plan  (30 mins)  |  $90

Follow up Consultation     |  $60.00


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