heart light rising services

  • Heartful Life & Business Coaching, Reiki Master, Meditation, Mindfulness and Intuitive Development
    Acacia Rose
  • Acupuncture, Massage, Shiatsu, Pregnancy Massage, Movement Shiatsu
    Narelle Borg
  • Maya Chinese Medicine
    Nicole Williams

why us

Listen to the Wisdom of your Heart, Body, Mind and Spirit

We believe 'No one knows You, like You'.

At Heart Light Rising, we truly listen to your Body Knowledge and Inner Wisdom, and work with you to create customised programs that can help you achieve your wellness goals.

We offer a nurturing, heart focussed and self-empowering approach to holistic health and wellness.

When you choose a Heart Light Rising Practitioner, we will be there as your Coach, Trainer, Educator and Cheer Leader to support you to grow into a happier, healthier and more heartful you!

who we are

Narelle Borg

Narelle is a Massage, Shiatsu, Acupuncturist and Energetic Healing practitioner with a passion for physical bodywork and energy awareness. Narelle utilises touch and energy to bring connection back to Heart, Mind, Body and Soul.

Acacia Rose

Acacia is a Heartful Life & Business Coach, Intuitive Educator, Meditation and Mindfulness Trainer, Reiki Master, Artist and Writer.

Acacia can help you to listen to your Heart, your Inner Wisdom, calm the Mind and adopt practical, grounded mindfulness and stress-release techniques to help you confidently carve out the life you are born to live. She facilitates a unique self development and professional development practice that is tailored to your specific Heart, Body, Mind and Spiritual needs.

You are your own Teacher and Guide in this life. Acacia can support you with energy balancing, tools and tips to help make creating the lifestyle you dream of, into reality.

Nicole Williams

Nicole is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner - Acupuncturist and Herbal Medicine.

Nicole believes that everybody has the ability to heal themselves but some people may just need a little push to get them on their journey. She aims to help educate her patients to empower them to regain their health. She is very passionate about Chinese Medicine because rather than just treating the symptoms, Chinese Medicine looks at the body as a whole and treats the underlying causes of illness and disease.

Nicole has a special interest in treating gynaecological disorders, digestive problems and condition of the mind including stress, anxiety and insomnia.

what we do

We offer a complete Health and Wellness suite of services to cater to all your Body, Mind, Heart and Spiritual needs.

Our modality range includes:

Chinese Acupuncture, Meditation, Mindfulness and Stress Management,  Shiatsu,  Massage / Pregnancy Massage,  Heartful Life & Business Coaching, Reiki & Energy Balancing, Welcome Baby – Family Fertility and Conception Care,  Baby Heart-to-Heart Communicating,  Heartful Life & Intuitive Coaching for Children and Teenagers.


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